a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

parallaxproblem wrote:

Of course it depends what you are shooting... landscapes and posed portraits don't need fast AF, but spontaneous street scenes and anything involving children or animals does

Do you know with what camera most of the above shots are taken?

Do you think it is with a FF fast focussing sports DSLR? NO!
Do you think it is with an APS fast focussing DSLR? NO!
Do you think it is with a slower focussing mirrorless camera? NO!
Do you think it is with a slowish focussing P&S? Close...Do you think it with a very slow focussing camera phone? BINGO!

Not every picture they take is perfect, none of those pictures come in the papers, or are seen at this site, but that camera with its crappy slow AF takes the most pictures at childres sports fields, take the pictures of the running dog, and the plaing children.

I was down at the lake today taking pictures of seagulls... big fat lazy, slow seagulls, full of the bread I had been bribing them with to come and be photographed so they were even fatter and slower... but my AF speed was still hopelessly lacking for the task and so I had to try to use MF. Improvements would be very welcome to me, at least

Strange, those slow moving birds never gave me any problem, but oh yes I use that fas focussing Nex 5... (the original)

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