a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

I don't get it. I thought the pressure was on everybody else when Sony launched the A7 and A7R?!

For only $300 more you can get a FF 24mpix camera of the same size.

I really do not hope that the NEX-7 will replicate the dial layout. I would hate to adjust the ISO dial while looking through the EVF. I would hate to combine the usage of two dials in order to set the shutter speed in 1/3 stop increments. It's all retro over function if you ask me.

If Sony simple put out an upgraded NEX-7 with better tracking AF, menus like the A7, utilise the power of the new processing unit and a slight overhaul of the tri-navi system (I prefer the A7 dial layout) then it will easily compete.

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