a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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Re: a lot of pressure on Sony now ...

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to match and outperform the Fuji X-T1 with the A7000 ( successor of the NEX-7) and the successor of the A7r.

How do you think Sony will respond?

I think the more appropriate question might be "Do Sony themselves have any idea how they are going to respond?"...

I don't think they are clueless.

They probably have a long (or maybe not so long) term strategy to switch-off A-mount and move everybody to FF on E-mount... by everybody, I mean everybody that can afford to pay $800 or more for their lenses. Sony have a plan to become very expensive...

They show up till now that there is no reason to believe APS will be dropped any time soon now. Rumors about a APS A77 successor are strong at this moment, so are the rumors about the Nex 7 APS successor. The A5000 is an APS camera, just launched. So the A-mont will be the high end, as Sony told more then once in interviews, and E-mount will be more low to mid range. FF is becomming more and more midrange too...

And about the price, Sony launched the A3000, a very cheap camera. When Sony launched the Nex range, the complaints were about the quality of the lenses, and everybody praised Fuji for comming with expensive high quality lenses, Now Sony is doing the same for the E-mount FF lenses and you start complaining....

My speculation is that this process is almost totally internal/inward-looking and they are looking only at their own restructuring and checking Amazon Pre-Orders as a way of evaluating market success (they only care about launch success... after the product is on the market it is somebody else's problem) and using this as feedback for their next product steering meetings

I think they look more at sales figures then you think. This is why they stopped the "real" DSLRs, as they did not sell well, that is why they took the effort to create and marked the E-mount range, as they sell very good in many countries in the world. That is why they created the A3000 and A7(r) to get more sales in the US. That is why they came with the A5000, for good sales in Japan and other countries.

Maybe they listen more to their actual users too. As many things are done better in the newer caeras every time (like the build in flash in the A5000, like the normal hotshoe in all Sony cameras with an hotshoe, like better video in the A7 and the RX10, like starting with excelent lenses for the FF e-mount etc. You cherrypick what options Sony did not use and forget all those things that Sony do use from the wish list of their users.

The X-T1 probably hasn't even really registered on their radar... which is a shame as Fuji seem totally the opposite being very keen to ingratiate themselve with their current users (Sony seemingly don't even realise that they have any of those) and enthusiastic to integreate the features people want into their cameras (we get what Sony thinks we should buy, whatever we might actually want...)

Whatever... if the rumours concerning the NEX-7 replacement being in a couple of weeks, the decisions concerning it have already been made so there's not much we can do now... the time for shouting was in the run-up to Christmas (well, it was more like the shills shouting down anybody who shouted, unfortunately) when the product steering groups might still have been meeting but now the dice is cast

You realy have no cue how long it takes to design a new type of camera, do you? Let's try to showw some of the steps every designer (from every brand) has to go true before "his" camera is launched:

1. Make a list of the capabilities of the camera (like sensor size, features, price point, etc.)They will make some scetches of how the camera might look like. They have to get the approval that they can go on with the camera

2. Then comes the technical design: all the electronics, mechanics and the software has to be put to gether and then tested (there is still no "real"camera at this moment, just bit in a box).When the design works there will be some prototypes build. These prototypes may look different (to try out different look and feels of the camera) or can be totaly the same. These prototypes are tested by a test team, both in controlled settings as in the real world. The team comes with small changes, like button settings, software bugs missing features etc.

3. A new set of protoptypes, or pre production cameras is made, no big changes are possible from now on. These cameras are tested again in both lab setting as in the real world, test are done to know how the camera is working under all types of conditions (like temp., moist, etc). Small changes to software can be made, not much more then that.

4. The parts of the new camera (like the electronics, the mechanics, the body etc) are made. Together with the design of the box and the manuals.

5. The production line is started to produce the new camera.

6. Cameras have to be shipt over the world

7. You buy the camera in the shop.

So part 3 of the above had to be done befor oktober ended, to give Sony the time to get everything ready for sales in april. Your cries in december had no effect on the design of the Nex 7 successor at all, when that camera is to be announced soon, these cameras are close to production (and maybe allready in production) as we speak.

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We will have to see. I suspect that the $800 and 'better EVF' rumours will mean that we see a plastic NEX-6 replacement with a higher-res PDAF-equipped sensor and a 'hump' containing an A99/A7 EVF labelled as an A7000... but perhaps I will be proved wrong (I hope so)

We all have to wait and see, personaly I thonk there could be two designs for the Nex 6/7 successors, one full metal with hump, and one with more plastic without hump. These cameras may not come out at the same time, we will see...

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