The Fuji XT-1 is out, and it's making me wonder what's next for Pentax....

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Re: The Fuji XT-1 is out, and it's making me wonder what's next for Pentax....

audiobomber wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

Mirror-less offers very few operational advantages over a DSLR except size, but that can be a big one if (say) you're travelling.

My best opportunities for photos are when I travel. On vacation I bring two DSLR's, a Q and a whole bunch of lenses in one large and one small kit bag. For short trips I carry a DSLR with three lenses in a small messenger bag, or the K-3 and one lens in a bag that just fits it. A smaller body would gain me nothing except compromise.

Hi Dan,

I enjoy my travel photography greatly too, but I guess there's more than one personal approach.  It comes down to what you like.  I used to take a SLR/DSLR.  And for a while medium format. Now I'm a smaller camera enthusiast.  I've deliberately shifted the emphasis from photography to enjoying the experience more and still taking some photographs en route.  Having children with me certainly limits the extent that I can indulge the photography compared to the days I traveled solo.

They really only offer the advantage of compactness with a limited kit - perhaps one zoom or a few small primes, and then they excel.

How does a MILC with small primes excel over a K-3 with small primes? Are you just talking about size again?

Yes.  Size and weight.  When I carry a 60lb pack into wild places, I greatly welcome saving 1lb.  That's one sort of trip.  Another is when I when I travel overseas for weeks.  I usually just take one wide to short tele zoom - no UWAs, macros or teles.  For me the extra bulk and weight of a DSLR is unnecessary if I'm not actually using its capabilities.

For any bigger lenses, and particularly fast zooms, it seems to me that there's a better balance with a DSLR. (Not everyone agrees). I've travelled extensively with a DSLR, and I'm not going to do so again - it's mirror-less for me. I'll use my K5 on other occasions and whenever I want to do tele and macro work.

A DSLR is the only all-purpose body. I say this as an avid birder and action shooter, and as someone with a bunch of small primes for general photography.

I agree.  DSLRs are (at this stage of mirror-less technology) more versatile.  I still use mine for many uses including birding too, but sometimes I value less bulk and weight over versatility.  Mirror-less does every bit as well as my K5 for landscape, city-scapes, architecture and so on.  I can still see myself using both for the immediate future but I don't know how long that will last.  Fuji are claiming an EVF lag of 0.005 secs for the XT1.  That's far shorter than human reaction times.  They're also claiming tracking AF at 8fps.  If either are borne out (and I'll believe it when I see it) that's very comparable to DSLR performance.  Ironically, I don't really care.  I use MF for a lot of my photography.

Cheers, Rod

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