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Re: X-trans is not magic, but it gives a unique signature

marco1974 wrote:

Try this with a Bayer sensor and find yourself in moiré hell:


In fairness you don't know how processed that image is and the optical properties of the relevant fabric, which is relevant. I remember shooting fabrics with my M9 and it would appear random what triggered excessive moire compared to others. The reflectivity of the fabric would be a huge factor in that.

I don't think that x-trans is a "magic" solution to moire, but nor is it a "trick" of marketing. The images are different, with a very different signature that goes beyond a mere colour profile. Someone incorrectly called it grain earlier. It isn't grain. It is, however, very attractive and film like at a basic level (you can see this if you zoom in to 100%). The sensor records colour detail differently from an average bayer sensor and the colour depth of the results demonstrates that. An unfortunate flip side of that is that I think the camera can be more difficult to exposure correctly, or perhaps more accurately, more difficult to expose correctly and to get accurate and attractive results.

Fuji clearly believe there's something to this since they are continuing to innovate in the same area (see the sensor with larger green pixels, a variation on the same basic idea).

Turning to moire, I don't think the x-trans sensor really removes moire. I think it makes moire easier to identify and easier to remove in post. That's the only explanation I can come up with for some of the results I've seen in Apple Aperture vs other RAW converters.

All in all though, claiming x-trans is marketing puff is as shortsighted as claiming it is a magical solution to moire.

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