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Re: I said nothing of artistic merit

philosomatographer wrote:

Dave Wyman wrote:

While I'm not a huge fan of HDR, the images Ratcliff produces go beyond ordinary photographic images, each one more an artistic digital rendering of a scene and each one less a traditional image that mimics reality. The photos seem more than sharp enough to me, in part because I don't look at them with a 100% crop.

Your comments seem, like some HDR images, over the top, as if you are spoiling for an argument. Are you not aware, from a simple perusal of Ratcliff's website, that he has a lot of fans and that your comments might seem at least somewhat insulting to them?

Hi Dave,

I said nothing of the artistic merit of the images. But if you think that those images are technically acceptable for large printing, you have very low standards I am afraid. They are noisy, blurred, and riddled with a canvas-like noisy texture.

And maybe that is theefect Radcliff wnats to get. Not everybody want the picture to be 100% sharp and noise free. This is no camera thing but an artistic rendering of the subject. You (and I) don't like it and that is OK, but you should not blim his tools. The tools are capable of rendering sharp and noise free pictures, with more details then in any 12 MP camera

If this is all part of his artistic vision, well then - more power to him. I just wanted to understand - from the community of people that use the A7 - if this is typical. I must admit, I didn't realise that almost all of these are "HDR" images - which explains a lot. Not everything (i.e. I do much less noisy HDRs with my ancient-tech E-5) - but a lot.

Yes, but you would probably not do this kind of "artistic" HDR, but more the natural way. In that way you get less noise and sharper pictures. Radcliff makes a "painting"out of the pictures he takes, you like that or not. When you don't like it, don't buy it, if you do like it, you can try to mimic the effect or you could buy his pictures.

I find it amusing that you think that I should care in the least over insulting somebody's "website fans" in a technical discussion of image quality. Ha!

And even when you started an artistic discussion, I think it is not right that people feel insulted by the opinion of somebody else. We should be more accepting that peoples tastes are not the same.

But remember, you can get the same effects out of your camera when you do the same PP, it is an artistic rendering not a technical one.

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