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Re: Are you guys completely insane?!

If you cannot take the heat keep out of the kitchen. The point is these images were produced as artistic creations and are very beautiful. To many of us trying to use them to test pixel resolution seems a bit crass. The high resolution available in the first place gives the latitude for post processing.

The worst thing in DPR is posting something that is entirely ignored which I have experienced a few times so you are not doing too badly. It is very bad manners to post something and then to lecture people on their responses if they are not to your satisfaction.

philosomatographer wrote:

I can't believe what I am reading. Which part of "I am not referring to artistic quality" was unclear to you all? Do you just WANT to pick a fight?

There were some very helpful responses in this - a technical gear forum - yet you come out of the blue and effectively state that performing any kind of technical analysis is a hostile act.

Why would anybody then even bother buying an ultra-high-image-quality camera like the A7 in the first place? Just get a Holga! Use your camera phone!

I posted a link to some appalling-quality images made with what is effectively the highest-performance image sensor available. I wanted community input, not owning the camera in question, but being very interested in it.

I got a most satisfactory answer from courteous replies - yet after it all, people feel they need to take this thread completely off-topic and spew bile in my direction. Please get over yourselves!


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