A reminder for some memebers as to what the F stop is all about.

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philosomatographer wrote:

Have you used a wide-enough range of lenses and systems to really tell, though? If so, let's just agree to disagree.

Truth be told, I don't think the IQ differential really matters to the vast majority. Post a nice pic with stripped EXIF from the 50-200 / 2.8-3.5 and say it was from the 35-100 / 2, and no one will doubt you. Post a bad pic from the 35-100 / 2, and people will praise you just because you own something so expensive. It's the same in all the forums.

Well, there we go - agreeing again. Technical quality is almost completely orthogonal to artistic merit, and it usually just doesn't matter. Pity it gets everytbody knickers in a knot when one dares talk about technicalities though!

The E-5 is most certainly not even 'competitive' - the sensor is horribly outdated, and these lenses are starved of a worthy sensor.

Will they not work on the EM1?

Oh yes - they work fine. Problem is, an EM1 sensor is no match for a good full-frame sensor, and the SHG lenses at f/2.0 hopelessly out-resolve the 16MP sensor to the point of creating moíre aliasing across the frame. The EM1 is a small step-up in image quality from the E-5.

From a detail rendition aspect, it's just about the best 12MP sensor you're going to ever find.But it's a noisy, DR-limited 12MP.

To me, you can't get a photo with just a lens or just a sensor. You kind of need both. So what matters is how the lens performs on the available sensors. I mean, would you brag about owning a Ferrari if it sported wheels and tires from a Camry? I mean, why not just get a Camry -- it's a pretty decent car.

The same situation applies to your high-resolution full-frame DSLR cameras and the so-so lenses you have to put on them. Seems we just can't win whichever way we go!

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