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Re: Why do these A7R shots look so awful?

stoppingdown wrote:

Dave Wyman wrote:

Are you not aware, from a simple perusal of Ratcliff's website, that he has a lot of fans and that your comments might seem at least somewhat insulting to them?

Are you kidding, right? Now one can't even express his own personal opinion about what he like or dislikes for fear of insulting someone? Are we under the dictatorship of politically correctness?

I agree with you on this point. People should n't be insulted when someone don't like the things they doe, think or believe.

Just to make an example out of photography, I don't like most of the things that Picasso did, I mean I strongly don't like them, I have the right to say that in public and if someone feels insulted for a legitimate opinion it's a problem of that guy.

Well you are right about the liking or disliking of the results (Picasso=painitng, Ratcliff=photograph) that is up to everybodies taste and you are free to express that. Nobody should be offended by the opinion of the other. The only thing what the OP did what I think is not right is blaiming the tools. You don't like Picasso, but you are not telling people that the brushes, paint and canvas from Picasso is bad and that you can do better eith much cheaper tools)

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