Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Does your camera work?

WaltKnapp wrote:

j900 wrote:

if yes please use it and be done with it. Your contax went on working after contax's death so what?

Those contax's were much more durable and long lived than modern digital cameras. You did notice that the contax shot film, and most types of film are gone. Without film they are worthless and can not work no matter how durable.

Because they were worth servicing...  The shutter life was not rated anything like the life time of a modern interchangeable lens camera.  So you serviced them at times - that's what kept them working

Being blind to the limited lifetime of modern digital cameras can end up costing you lots of extra money when Sony jumps from system to system with little compatibility between and you supported the abandoned system too long because the new system could not do what the older one can. Even if one continues to use our system we do have to plan the future. Including deciding if Sony has any future with us. Unless we are going to behave like children who think money is limitless. For the majority of adults money is quite limited and getting more limited every day.

Hi Walt - this seems a little contradictory...  You can keep choosing to second guess what Sony might do or when they might do it and base buying decisions on that (and constantly try to guess the value of your gear in 5 years).  If that's what you're doing then you're better off with one of the big 2 systems - but there's still not guarantee, look what happened to the value of the D2 cameras the day the D300 launched and beat it for IQ in most ways...
Or you can buy what you need or want today.  If it suits you and your a hobbyist then keep it - if the whole system dies buy up some used bodies on the cheap as back ups.  If you make your money from photography then you need to be looking at this kind of thing anyway (I sold my A900 a few years back as I didn't have access to the lenses or across frame AF that I wanted for sports - now that I'm not doing that I'm back).

I don't see that as being a child that thinks money is limitless, I see it as being a realist.  Stick with what you have or don't but don't think that some corporation is trapping you or holding you hostage.
Here's a question for you - if you were starting today which camera(s) and kit would you buy if money were no object?

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