E-M5 Firmware update... V 2.0 today..

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Half correct - No loss of RAW DR, though

duartix wrote:

Sourze wrote:

With access to lower ISO, does this mean we can also expect a slightly higher dynamic range?

As others have said before me, NO.

The LOW setting won't have more DR than the old ISO 200 setting, but it also won't (most likely) have any less.

This should be looked at as if it was a JPEG effect. The base ISO on the camera is still 200, which means that this is nothing more than ISO 200 overexposed by 1 stop.

That is not correct - see my previous posts in this thread.

RAW DR will likely be lower, because the camera will expose more to the right (possibly over the point of clipping) and will leave you with less headroom for recovery of highlights.

That is, again, incorrect. RAW DR will likely be the exact same (or very very close to it) with the LOW setting as it is at ISO 200, for obvious reasons.

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