X-T1 looks mighty interesting, what do you think?

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Re: X-T1 looks mighty interesting, what do you think?

0MitchAG wrote:

I've been overall interested and consistently impressed by what Fuji is offering however it was too far out of my initial budget and I can just get so much more for my money with Micro Four Thirds. Though, if I ever feel the need or can afford the appeal of Fuji APS-C, I'll definitely make a move, and probably keep the pancake u4/3 primes and one of the smaller cameras for pocketability without a bag.

However having said that, I think Olympus is offering just as good with the EM series so if I ever see the need to switch it will be from Panasonic to Olympus.

Or hope that Panasonic will also get something like Olympus' 5-axis IBIS, which will mean a really great video taking camera, and also something like Olympus E-M1 or Fuji X-T1's EVF, to get a more comfortable or enjoyable viewing experience.  Or their PDAF sensor.  Panasonic can have the best mirrorless of all, if it can get those 3 things and combine them with its own strengths.

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