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Re: size/weight is what counts with m4/3

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Here, I have inserted the image for you, but I disagree with what you are trying to show with your size comparison image. The size comparison is not right. The Olympus lens is a weatherproof 24-80mm lens with constant f/2.8 max aperture. The Fuji lens is just 28-83mm f/2.8-4, a huge difference.

Actually the Olympus is a 12~40mm f2.8 and the Fuji is an 18~55mm f2.8~4.

If you want to compare equivalents the Olympus is a 24~80mm f5.6 and the Fuji is 27~83mm f4~5.6

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OK, I forgot to put in "equivalent" in what I said.

You made focal length equivalent but left the apertures the same. That made the Oly lens look better than it is.

The Oly lens is wider. The Fuji lens is brighter.

I think everybody else knew what I meant. You are either picking bones or you do not understand some basic photographic concepts. "Brighter" could mean different things when we talk about lenses. I don't want to start another Equivalence argument, but realise that f/2.8 in M43 is not exactly f/5.6 in every case of application when compared to FF. For example, f/2.8 will still give you faster shutter speeds in M43, meaning the Olympus lens will not get blurry pictures while the Fuji lens will for the same lighting when used on respective cameras, even assuming the 5-axis IBIS is no better than the OIS on the Fuji lens. True equivalence does not exist; it depends on the situation. So don't confuse others and say the Olympus lens is exactly f/5.6 as if that was true for all purposes. For some purpose, like in terms of image quality matters, it is, but for others like capturing a picture with sufficient shutter speed, f/2.8 is still f/2.8.  A "brighter" lens can also mean one that can give you higher shutter speeds than a "less bright" one.  In this context, the Fuji is not brighter.  It is less bright.

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