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Cane wrote:

Looks like you made a bad choice, really, you should have known this system wasn't very good for sports, why did you waste your time to begin with?

I sold my 5D2 to move to Fuji and I would NEVER go back, EVER EVER, EVER!!! Image quality is definitely better than the 5D2 and there isn't much difference in the 5D2 image quality from the 6D and 5D3. But I knew going in that I rarely ever shoot moving subjects and studied the system enough to know that sports and such is not it's strong suit.

Like most every Fuji shooter, slow deliberate sleeping turtle shooters that have the afternoon to get a shot and a sandwich.

I was in a park a few weeks ago, taking slow deliberate shots with varying aperture and slightly different compositions of the same scene, a couple of young guys toting identical Canon DSLRs strolled by (ignored me, btw, while I took passing interest in their cameras).

They stopped and one guy lifted his camera to his eye and zip-zip-zip took 9 or so continuous shots... of a park bench. I just thought "seriously?" and carried on with my slow, deliberate shots til I got what I wanted.

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