E-M5 Firmware update... V 2.0 today..

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Re: E-M5 Firmware update... V 2.0 today..

Heyseuss Hoolio wrote:

duartix wrote:

Sourze wrote:



Can someone explain the updates more clearly? Maybe I'm just not understanding it completely.

I don't get the concept of the "overexposed" ISO200 by 1 stop. Wouldn't that mean it looks like ISO400?...

A RAW file at ISO200, overexposed by 1 stop looks like an overexposed ISO200 RAW file,


A 'fake' ISO100 Jpeg will be that same overexposed ISO200 RAW file but using the darker end of the exposure information ... making it look correctly exposed for ISO100.

I use it all the time in daylight with my older Olympii.

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Cheksa wrote:
You're evil Ulfric.

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