X-trans is a winner

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Re: X-trans is a winner

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That picture is stunning.

The OP did not say that the image is moiré free. I would say that he sounded more like that moiré is not a problem there. And it obviously not.

I believe that trying to persuade most photographers that X-Trans is a superior to Bayer technology is a lost cause even if X-Trans was running circles around Bayer (it's not, it is just slightly better). And the reason is ...... Leica. Leica is not using X-Trans and we all know that nothing can be better than Leica. Trying to prove otherwise is a sacrilege.

Pentax, Ricoh, and Nikon do not use AA filters either on some cameras. They get along just fine.

X Trans is just another one of Fujifilm's patented marketing gimmicks.

Judging by that post you are obviously jumping on conclusions without understanding that X-Tans is not only about going without AA filter, it is also about placing color filters in a more natural way which has a number of subtle, but desirable consequences.


What's so lol about that? Could you, please, be more specific? Would be helpful for those who read this thread. Most photographers who are well familiar with X-Trans cameras say that X-Trans produces more natural grain.

X Trans does not produce grain.  This is an invention.

It is easy to see why. Haven't seen anyone yet who disputed this. X-Trans also leads to different treatment of colors which so many people love.

X Trans has nothing to do with color output.  The sensor is just an off the shelf Sony sensor fitted with Fujifilm's custom CFA.   ALL Fujifilm cameras have their distinct color profiles.

Those might be side effects and not something Fuji was aiming at when they were developing X-Trans. Nevertheless the side effects are there and they are desirable.

They are not side effects but are the results of Fujifilm's vision.  Vision that is a distinct relative to their film legacy.

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