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Re: Another Idea - A Dedicated Monochrome Camera

Truman Prevatt wrote:

iOne of the biggest reasons for revisualization or to "see the image in your minds eye" was to then be able to meter and determine what exposure compensation and development you needed to get the image to match your minds eye. In reality filters were not used as much a people might think. A 8 or 12 (what Adams referred to as a minus blue) were used to generate a little more contrast or darken the sky a little. I would use an 8, 12 and 15 but usually nothing stronger. I might have used a green filter one time and didn't even own a blue filter.

When I used my RB it would produce 10 negatives on a 120 roll. If I took more than two rolls in an outing - I was really rocking. Often times I didn't take a shot when the light was just not right. With my 4x5 - I would normally head out with 4 or 5 holders and that would be enough for a day as you say.

I used my 35 mm for street work and might go through 2 36 exposure rolls. However, often I just took the roll out - not fully exposed and developed it to get the pictures into the dark room.

I don't shoot digital any different than film. I've yet to be surprised that I have a wonderful image that I got by accident.

I used to carry a film ethic when I first started with digital. I bought small cards and used them restrained - though admittedly way more than had it been film. I mean, getting a film developed from the family camera was a major event and often had three christmases, a few birthdays and a wedding all on the one roll.

But embracing the advantages of digital has changed the way I think and opened avenues I doubt I'd ever have explored with film. I'll think nothing of taking 20 or 60 shots out of my top floor window before breakfast if the light is interesting. I know I won't process all of them, and on occasion I won't process any. Yet even on those occasions I don't feel it has been a waste of time. I'm learning about light conditions that I'd never have committed to if using film, especially larger formats.

Here are a couple of previsualised shots that I doubt would have existed had I continued in film mode. They're a result of countless 'wasted' frames. I would not have experimented enough with different light conditions or processing techniques to understand the potential in the conditions to achieve either.

Stacey_K wrote:

And I think the art of "previsualizing" is gone. Read though posts on B&W and they talk about "going though the files to see which color shots might work as B&W" etc. People go out and shoot thousands of shots in a day sometimes. I usually shoot less than 20, 30 at the most. I guess this comes from when I shot 4X5 and I had 10 sheets of film for the whole day

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