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LCD touch AF uses Magnify box

Christophotog wrote:

baxters wrote:

To select the small target via SCP:
-bring up the SCP
-highlight the focus box and press OK
-press INFO.

Now you can use either the rearmost dial or up/down arrow buttons to cycle thru the focus box choices. The left/right arrows or frontmost dial cycle thru face detect modes.

OK. I selected small target box and get it when it locks focus. But I use touch screen to position the focus box, I get the big target box. Anyone care to explain?

I can see that too.. But I also just tested the same process on my E-M1 and guess what! It does the same thing. Small square focus-point when using the half-press or EVF but large square focus point when using touch focus.


Use Magnify - Info to twiddle the box down to 14x size then the touch focus uses that 14x box. It works that way on my E-PL5.

Regular shutter button AF uses the small box if selected, the screen uses the Magnify box whatever size that was set to.

Regards...... Guy

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