Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Re: Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

Well written. Thank you.

trueview wrote:

I haven't read all the thread so my apologies if I'm saying something that has already been mentioned.

On weakness I see in bigpigbig's reasoning is that he looks at the mirrorless technology from a dynamic point view, and at dlsrs in a static perspective.

Fair enough. My (maybe flawed) rationale for this view, is that mirrorless cameras are improving leaps and bounds (they had a long way to go, true) and DSLRs have leveled out somewhat (D3s vs D4) in terms of IQ and features.

Technological advances might (or not) preserve the DSLRs advantages, or produce new ones. Such things as non moving mirrors with electrically generated opacity, or borrowing the hybrid viewfinder technology form the mirrorless cameras, etc.

Yes, please. That is what I was hoping for in the Df. OVF AND EVF.

In all honesty, with the multiplication of formats, losses incurred by mirrorless manufacturers, tumbling profits for the largest DSLR manufacturers, etc, if was paid today to write a report on the state of the photographic market in the next ten years, I would be seriously scratching my head !

And that is an issue for the average photographer, in terms of knowing what to buy and preserving one's investment. I like to shoot film alongside digital, so I carry a Contax G2 with my XP1. THis camera was bought used (thankfully) a few months before Contax folded all together ! The day something breaks in this camera, I end up with an expensive paperweight.

I happily bought into the fuji X system, but personally, I think that, due to the installed based, my investment in this system is a bit of a gamble. More so than the 5DIII and lenses I also have.

I have the same hesitation. But the Fuji lenses are just so good.

I believe that installed base is a defining factor in the survival of a system/standard/technology/brand. Cemeteries are full of creative newcomers who didn't succeed at gaining sufficient weight. (Of course, cemeteries are also full of behemoths who failed at reacting swiftly enough at the challenge of creative newcomers )

I think this might be the deciding factor for a while (maybe a long while). But turntable manufacturers probably thought the same thing when CDs came out. A little different, I know, but, time marches on and things change.

Of course, religion seems to have pretty good traction and staying power from the "installed base"

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