X-trans is a winner

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Re: X-trans is a winner

vivanchenko wrote:

Nobody is speaking about magic. There is nothing magical about X-Trans. Readily admit this. It is different. The differences are subtle. Many people like it better than Bayer. Many don't even pay attention to those differences. Saying that X-Trans is a gimmick is as wrong as wrong can be.

It actually is not wrong, much less "as wrong as wrong can be". Fuji introduced the X Trans as a solution for moire on an AA-less sensor. Call it inventive, creative, valiant, or anything of the sort, and I am likely to agree, but a solution to moire it was not. I do think it leaves it's personal print on images, and for some people it is good, while for others it isn't.

The truth is that for every positive thing you might be able to say about the use of this color array, there is a negative side too. In arguing over this CFA, however, I find that people lose sight of a few things.

1. Fuji colors, even in the digital age, have been "special", long before the X Trans.

2. Lenses are a huge factor in image quality, and Fuji does a great job in this department.

3. Processing and NR that take place in camera manipulate a lot of what you are seeing.

My conclusion is that Fuji did a great job choosing Sony for these sensors, and did an even better job with their lenses, colors, and for the most part, overall image processing. Like the X100, these cameras and lenses would have had their own unique footprint, being pleasing to the eye, regardless of the CFA, and with a lot less processing headaches, especially for the more discerning among us.

The CFA was an inconsequential part of the equation, overcomplicating things and without good reason. Technical image quality comes from the sensor, the lenses, and the processing much more than the CFA, making this idea, novel as it might be, worthy of the term, "gimmick".

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