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Re: I own an A77 and an A7r, plus I owned and used a NEX 7

Gary Eickmeier wrote:

Thanks to all for some amazing info. This is what I was hoping the review would tell us, but alas.

IMHO I think the significance of these amazing new Sony cameras is - once again - that you can get medium format performance from a small full frame for like 1/10th the price! This is what attracted me to Sony in the first place, the a100 having 10mp in the days when 6 was the highest from the others, and the camera was much less in price. I well remember following the purchasing adventures of one portrait pro in town who spent $15,000 on a Kodak 6mp camera!

Thinking about it I think that the review looks more like a response to the forums than a stand alone camera review.  My father shoots a Nikon D800e with some very expensive lenses and he's now thinking that he might have backed the wrong horse again having played with my A7r and A99 - he's a landscape photographer.

As for results vs medium format, a current medium format back will still look better at low ISO (it will be interesting to see what the new CMOS sensor ones can do), their transitions are better in terms of tonality and in terms of the transition to OOF with the larger sensor, it can just look effortless.  Having said that most of the time the A7r is close enough for me and I couldn't fit a digital medium format system in my coat pocket!

I keep trying to work out the right time to transition to MF (some of my product and clothing shots do get blown up to larger than life for shows exhibitions and I also get to use Hasselblads at one of the studios that I use).

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