A reminder for some memebers as to what the F stop is all about.

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Great Bustard wrote:

If you want to say that you enjoy using your E5 and SHG lenses, and are pleased with the photos they produce, I would never argue against it. If you want to go further and say that you prefer the output of the E5 and your SHG lenses to any other system, I would never argue against it. Indeed, I've heard people make the same types of comments about the original 5D vs its successors.

It's when you imply that the E5 and SHG lenses are "better than" any other system out there as a blanket statement that I take exception.

In my opinion, the SHG lenses *are* better than anything similar to what Canon, Nikon or Leica have been able to produce in those ranges. If this blanket statement bothers you, you are fully within your rights to ignore it. Have you used a wide-enough range of lenses and systems to really tell, though? If so, let's just agree to disagree.

The E-5 is most certainly not even 'competitive' - the sensor is horribly outdated, and these lenses are starved of a worthy sensor. From a detail rendition aspect, it's just about the best 12MP sensor you're going to ever find.But it's a noisy, DR-limited 12MP.

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