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Re: size/weight is what counts with m4/3

CatsAreFineArt wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

I am always rather surprised that there are people who can't see what is the main, defining quality of m4/3: size/weight of the system (bodies & lenses). The Fuji (or Sony A7 or whatever) seems to be really cool and I can certainly see the attraction. If you don't care about size/weight then why even consider m4/3? Get a FF or APS-C system with larger lenses and don't feel bad that you didn't get m4/3. With m4/3 you get smaller size, lighter weight, quite a good selection of lenses and bodies, and results that are quite good. No one said m4/3 is going to save you money or be better than something else. I repeat:


Well, that's just the thing. I shoot primarily 50mm and 90mm macro. For those lens options Fuji's size and weight compares favorably. Sometimes I shoot tele zoom. The 55-200mm is bigger than the Panasonic 35-100mm, but not by a lot, and it's not much slower either, especially when you take the dof equivalency and superior ISO performance into account. Wide angle is a different story, but I don't go wider than 28mm.

Your first post!

What are you talking about???

Fuji does not seem to have any 50mm or 90mm macro lens. The Fuji 55-200mm f/3.5-4.8 is not weatherproof, not a constant f/2.8 lens, and does not have the same zoom range as the Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8. It is slower in AF, bigger and, more significantly, a lot heavier at 580g vs 360g for the Panasonic lens.  If you stick to a few primes with the most common focal lengths and speeds, and do not need weatherproofing, then the Fuji system will not be much bigger or heavier.

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