The rise of (serious) mirrorless: Sony Alpha 7 and Fuji X-T1

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Re: For me the DSLR is dead, but that's not the case for everyone.

Ontario Gone wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Ed B wrote:

Compact cameras have electronic shutters.

Actually this isn't the case My LX7 has an electronic shutter, but only if you cripple it to 3.5 megapixels and shoot in burst mode for 40 or 60 frames per second. Otherwise it has a mechanic shutter which shoots at up to 11frames per second... Some compacts may be electronic only but not the one I use.

I didn't know that. Thank you.

This plus some mirrorless cams have E shutter options. As scan speeds get faster, or as CCD is improved and used, there will eventually be mirrorless that have only E shutters. I personally would love for things to advance this far, one less moving part and one thing less to wear out. Shutters life is listed for a reason, that is usually the first thing to go.

Which mirrorless cameras have an electronic shutter?

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