How to improve GH3 for photography

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Re: How to improve GH3 for photography

It's long been my opinion that the only reason to use RAW was to correct something the software in the camera has failed to do.  I've been following the talk on DPR since I started here in 2000.  Since I am Red Green colour blind I searched for a camera I could use that got the colours right without my warped colour problems being inserted.  The first Olympus camera I used the lowly Olympus D340L was a good start but many people complained that I was screwing up the colours even though I just let the camera do the job.  My solution was to calibrate my monitor, use the white dipper thing to set the white point and possibly the black dipper point in Adobe and everyone was happy.  This was corrected with the Olympus 3030, C2100, 570z, 8080 having so much more accurate colours.  For while I had a Pentax and then Canon compacts that seemed to not need a lot of correction, but these failed.  I ended up with a Panasonic GH1 and left Photoshop upgrading behind me.  The EPL2, GF3 and now the GH3 all seem to give me the jpg files that just work.  If someone wants to tweak the RAW files I shoot I give them the RAW files and let them go at them.

Reading a lot of DPR Canonikon DSLR talk it seems that they just needed or wanted to have Photoshop RAW processing to make the real colours better and Adobe has supported this very well.  Using a Canon DSLR or Nikon DSLR just didn't work for me because the colours were never right so RAW processing was required, but never trusted the corrections given my colour blind status.  If my oldest daughter or my sister were around I could work with them to get the colour right, but my daughter moved on and found a guy and my sister has her grand-daughter now to enjoy and she lives in a different city.  The GH3 along with the GH1 and other m4/3 cameras I have seem to work well for me.  The only place the RAW files were ever used from any of my photos was when my niece asked me to be her backup Photographer to help out her professional wedding photographer.  My niece and the Canon Photographer took my RAW files and tweaked them to get some of the shots I got that the official pro didn't and I produced a wedding present with a big book of photos from her Uncle's perspective.  Since my niece also shoots with a Canon dslr she loved the fact that I gave her RAW files.  I'm not sure why they didn't use them though , then found out they didn't now what the ORF and RW2 files were and assumed I only gave them jpg files.  They never let me look at the official wedding album though!

I'm rambling on, but basically, while RAW may have a place, my opinion is that the place they are needed are in the Canonikon camp or when something is really screwed up by me and the jpg hasn't worked.  I think I used a TIFF file once to enter a photo contest because they wanted both jpg and RAW files in my digital entry.  I created the TIFF file created by Photoshop 7 and explained that it was the RAW file created.  I won the contest and whenthey asked for the RAW files for publication purposes I explained my camera the Olympus C2100 didn't create RAW they changed the rule for me and gave me the prize.  Mainly because the TV show had already aired.

So jpg out my m4/3's is all I need.

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