if you had a digital camera with flawless clarity /detail/dynamic range would you be happy ?

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oh boy

lets say they came out with a camera that had perfect clarity and dynamic range

OK, lets assume the impossible, and at the same time, assume you know what these words really mean.

and unlimited detail - would you be happy.

Anyone with any knowledge of physics knows unlimited detail is impossible - and if it was, it would take unlimited storage capacity.

or let me reword this - you know how these above elements are getting better with time

Actually, they are not. A large format view camera with film is still pretty darn good. A 1:1 Polaroid, life size, was about as good as it gets.

lets fast forward this and imagine what could be produced 450 years from now.

Why 450 years? How about 449 years? Is 450 a magic number? But lets not. Figuring in inflation, it would cost a qadzillion dollars.

is that what you want ?

To be transported forward 450 years in time? No.

So, leaving out all the verbiage and word play, your question is do I want a really high quality camera? Nah, that's way too simple, lets make it more fun. In 501.23 years, would I want a camera that can record everything simultaneously, and calculate all the known states of the universe, past, present, and future, as well as several alternate universes, so simple that you just think what you want and it goes and seeks it out, or failing that, just creates it on the spot? Sure, but then my friends are going to tell me I have a dinosaur that's going to be obsolete real soon.

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