Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: May be selling in India, but not Japan.

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Waiting to be taken off! Sony cannot sustain the a mount forever. The crossover from other brands, has not happened. Sony is reaching for anything They can, but ultimately the ship will sink.

Folks are not buying their changes,

Sales figures or are you just making stuff up... I have already shared Sony's success in India.with links. and money is money even if it doesn't come from cranky people in the NA and Europe

Sony may be selling in India, but recent data shows the Japanese are not buying Sony DSLR/SLT's. In that category Sony lost market share in 2013 - in fact, they fell out of third place. They even lost ground in the Compact camera category. This data is only for Japan, but I would expect the Japanese to be pretty savvy camera buyers.

Anyone expecting Sony to displace Canon or Nikon in market share better start worrying more about the "also ran's" because it is starting to look like Sony has a better chance at 4th or 5th place, than 1st or 2nd.

Thats because Sony only released 1 Amount and the A58 was set up for failure. It was a downgrade from the A57 in almost aspect(Aside from the EVF and sensor). And the competition, was using Sonys 24MP sensor(D3200/5200)

The A99 also came out at a too high of a price. $2800. Most of use knew the street price on the A99 wouldnt budge. When the A99 arrived, you could find a 5D3 and the D800(which uses Sony's 32MP sensor) for less than $2800. Not only that, the D600(The A99 sensor) and the 6D arrived at much lower prices.

My fear is that these excuses dont amount to a hill of beans in Sony Exec eyes. They look at it and think.... whoa the last two Alphas flopped, lets put all of our resources in Emounts.

*note, I dont that they flopped, but given the competition and pricing, I dont think they were very successful.

Your points may all be valid, but they just reinforce the fact that Sony seems to have a knack for screwing up. I think they have their head up someone's aperture (pun intended!)

Nikon did the same thing in 2011 and Sony caught them for several months.. It happens... do you want new model numbers that maybe drive sales in Japan.. but do little for the mount?

Release price of the 2011 cameras:  Dyxum...

α37 camera kit with 18-135mm lens: $800
α57 camera kit with 18-135mm lens: $1,000
α65 camera kit with 18-135mm lens: $1,200
α77 camera kit with 18-135mm lens: $1,700

α58 release Price with 18-55 Kit $600

The numbering is confusing I agree  but pricing makes it clear..

A58 was mostly an upgrade to the A37..

Lower priced A65 in 2013 is the upgrade path for A57..  etc.

Canon does new rebels every year even if they have nothing really new to offer.  Sony does one update a year for the low end.. and upgrades the others less often..

Outside of dual Pixel  the complaint on the Canon side is "Eh... not much new in 70D" Canon has a large enough market they can make money expensive "Eh cameras"  Sony doesn't they have to make any release over $1000 count.

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