The Fuji XT-1 is out, and it's making me wonder what's next for Pentax....

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TAv would be a nightmare

yardcoyote wrote:

But I sure would like a small (or smallish) SLR styled Pentax DSLR with a K mount and full manual controls like those on the X-T1. APS-C is fine. Show me that, convince me that its quality is up to Pentax standards, and I will find a way to buy one. That's what I want.

As it is, I would definitely like to pick up and handle one of those Fujis and see whether I could live with an EVF. As it stands, I haven't liked any of the ones I've tried so far.

Pentax has gone over the clumsiness of manual dials long ago.

For example, Pentax TAv mode would be a nightmare to implement on a fully manual top plate with knobs that Fujifilm T1 has. See how Nikon’s implementation of knobs also makes no sense, as what you see on knobs is not necessary what a camera should do, or registers. It confuses the hell out of user and ultimately, serves no purpose: at least an unobtrusive LCD on top tells the whole truth in one glance. All without clutter.

In many ways Pentax UI and philosophy of shooting is superior to Fuji’s and Nikon’s and there is no need to go back in time just for the sake of being slave to the old-school top plate.

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