The rise of (serious) mirrorless: Sony Alpha 7 and Fuji X-T1

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bad idea

It's always the beginning of the end. It was the beginning of the end ten years ago. It will be the beginning of the end ten years from now. Mirrorless is always almost there. That stupid mirror. Not smart enough to die.

And you know what? The mirror will eventually die. So will the shutter and a lot of other things, and every camera made today will become obsolete. However, today's mirrorless will probably go obsolete faster because they use newer technology. Try selling an old NEX to see what I mean. Then look at Canon and Nikons's lens line up compared to say, the number of native FF E-mount lenses (five I believe, the fastest of which is a slow F1.8, no big telephoto, no fish eye, no extreme WA, etc. etc.)

Sure, you can use an adapter. Sure, you can manually focus and use old lenses. Sure, Sony might make more (or they might get out the market and never develop another lens.)

Yup, you can put on an old full size FF lens on with an adapter, fiddle with it, get it to work, and you know what? You're using old technology, and haven't saved any size.

Remember. Sensors and bodies don't gather light. Lenses do. The performance of a system is determined by the size of the lenses. A big sensor and a little lens acts just like a little sensor and a little lens.

So, today I can go on using my dinosaur, confident that no mirrorless can match its performance. And 3, 5, or 10 years from now, when some company becomes dominate with the latest technology, I can buy into that.

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