Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Baloney, anyone?

Ontario Gone wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Why are so many people trying to kill off the DSLR? Why do they care so much? I think it's to prove that they are right about another (their) kind of camera being better,

This theory is wrong, and i am proof. I have never owned a MILC, yet i hope the mirror dies ASAP. I have owned 1 SLT and 3 DSLRs. To me, mirrorless offers advantages that i prefer much more than any advantages that a DSLR offers. So to me, im "hoping" the DSLR dies. If it does, all that is left is mirrorless, and i will have a greater selection of cameras to buy. If DSLRs stay mainstream, MILC will stay niche, and i have less to choose from. It comes down to happiness, if we want opposite things, we cannot both be happy.

It is similar to two guys both applying for the same promotion at work. Only one guy can get it, it's a competition, and there has to be a loser. You like what you like, i like what i like. I do agree with you on one point, i think some people don't want to admit they are wrong, even though logic tells us that the mirror will die.

Here you are saying 'I hope the mirror dies quickly, we like different things but if your kind of camera doesn't die then I won't have as much choice.' You are flat out wishing for my type of camera to disappear. Yet...two weeks ago you wrote, and I quote directly from your post:

"Haa i don't want to control what you use, im not a republican."

What you are, is stuffed full of baloney.

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