Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

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Re: Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

newone757 wrote:

X-T1, nice viewfinder with faster refresh rate along with other goodies but I still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1. I may be odd man out here, I really want to like X-T1 but my heart is still with X-E2 form factor, the rangefinder, stealthy look. Guess the new viewfinder is too big to be fitted into a body like X-E2 or can it be?

I was holding off buying X-E2 till the X-T1 arrival. Hope the price of X-E2 goes down too. Are there people out there who's going to grab X-E2 over X-T1?

The EVF of the X-T1 does not have a faster refresh than the X-E2. It has a shorter lag time.

In low light, yes it does

Before you ask my source, to quote Rico's first look from the rumor site,

"The large electronic viewfinder (EVF) is housed in the “hump” and delivers an impressive magnification of 0.77x (E-M1: 0.74x, X-E2: 0.64x) and a refresh rate of 54 fps (E-M1: 60 fps, X-E2: 50 fps). The X-T1 offers this high refresh rate even in low light: At 1.6 EV, it still clocks 54 fps, while the E-M1 slows down to 30 fps and the X-E2 to 20 fps."

That's actually pretty significant. 54 vs 20 fps in low light. I def notice the lag in my xe2 in low light. but then again when the light is that low there's not a good chance a worthwhile photograph can even be taken with almost no light (unless using flash).

Sorry for the double post, I'm on mobile

And how did he measure these parameters? Fujifilm says nothing about the X-T1 having a faster refresh rate. In fact, most of the performance parameters are exactly the same as the X-E2: 0.08 sec AF, 0.5 sec startup, 0.5 sec shot interval, 0.005 sec shutter lag, etc. This makes sense since the X-T1 and X-E2 share the same sensor, processor and display and EVF panels.

Also, I think he's confusing that EVF refresh metric with the X-E1. Here's what the DPReview preview says about the X-E2: "One significant improvement Fujifilm claims compared to the X-E1 relates to the refresh rate in low light. Where the X-E1's finder dropped to 20 fps at 2EV, the X-E2 can now maintain 50 fps, which should give a noticeably more fluid and natural-looking live view feed." I also know from experience that the X-E2 display refresh rate does not drop off in low light.

Could be wrong but is think he got those numbers straight from Fuji seeing as how they gave him the camera in the 1st place . Good question to ask him though.

I notice a slowdown in the xe2, especially when focusing in low light , it skips around similar to the earlier x cameras just not as bad. Especially when focusing a panning shot. It lags when you 1st turn the camera on for a second or two as well

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