X-T1 looks mighty interesting, what do you think?

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Re: Way better, right now, than the A7

al_in_philly wrote:

Fuji ought to have a big hit here. It pushes most of the right buttons with its specs. It looks like a fine piece of industrial design, unlike the ungainly E-M1. And most importantly, there's already a decent stable of glass to go along with the new camera body. Unless Fuji's also upgraded their autofocus, the E-M1 ought to still win that match, but the low light sensitivity of the Fuji is a serious advantage there.

If I were choosing between the two, I'd go with the Fuji unless the camera/lens size/weight was a major issue for me (which it is in my case). Just my 2 cents.

If you do not need to use more special lenses like a constant f/2.8 zoom starting from 24mm equivalent FL, or a f/0.95 lens, or if you do not need to shoot handheld in darker places, then the smaller and lighter M43 lenses and IBIS would not then make much difference to you, and Fuji XT would be fine for you. I think many people will choose Fuji too, for the higher IQ, especially landscape or still life photographers who use tripods and/or flashes a lot.

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