Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Don'tcha love how threads like this take on a life of their own

Darn it. I just tried to edit a long post and accidentally withdrew it. Fat fingers on iPhone!

In short, I lament acrimony to me or between those who enjoy the forum. These discussions don't make me angry or depressed; it's actually part of the fun of the hobby. I only am making the point that successive generations of NATIVE A mount bodies will extend the period in which I can enjoy the results I get from my investments. The high end lenses could well survive 15, 20 years or more (perhaps with some repair or service in there).

Some of you get really irked by anyone who questions the A mount future, saying anyone who does is paranoid. You jump to cries of, "Go sell your stuff and switch to another brand." I specifically stated that I will not do that. If Sony was to announce tomorrow that A mount is done, I will only hope that my stuff is reliable and repairable for a very long time.

No need to tell me to just enjoy what I have. As a non-pro, enjoyment and enrichment is my only motivation! Still, when I made the big investments, I did not anticipate that A mount was at the end of the line. Of late, however, I and clearly many other smart people who have weighed in, are seeing some bad signs. For those of you who point to evidence of solid Sony commitment to A mount, I hope you are right! I started this thread to begin with in hopes of hearing some new intel and speculation.

The post I accidentally deleted was better written, but I think I remembered most of the points I was trying to make.

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