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Re: size/weight is what counts with m4/3

Red G8R wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

I am always rather surprised that there are people who can't see what is the main, defining quality of m4/3: size/weight of the system (bodies & lenses). The Fuji (or Sony A7 or whatever) seems to be really cool and I can certainly see the attraction. If you don't care about size/weight then why even consider m4/3? Get a FF or APS-C system with larger lenses and don't feel bad that you didn't get m4/3. With m4/3 you get smaller size, lighter weight, quite a good selection of lenses and bodies, and results that are quite good. No one said m4/3 is going to save you money or be better than something else. I repeat:

Henry Richardson


I disagree with Henry. Many people who do not care about the difference in size/weight between M43 and APS-C will care about these other reasons for choosing M43:

- really effective IBIS

- really good video

- an excellent lens line-up

- an excellent selection of bodies to choose from for backup, different applications, or whatever (from a tiny GM1,various body shapes, to cameras with top specs, video performance)

- and until now, the best EVF, and weatherproofing.

No, it is not only about size/weight.

I guess you haven't seen this.


sorry I couldn't insert the image directly.

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Ontario, Canada

Here, I have inserted the image for you, but I disagree with what you are trying to show with your size comparison image. The size comparison is not right. The Olympus lens is a weatherproof 24-80mm lens with constant f/2.8 max aperture. The Fuji lens is just 28-83mm f/2.8-4, a huge difference. The difference in size and weight will be mainly in the lenses, particularly for more special lenses, like wider, longer, faster, and other higher spec'ed lenses. Sony has already proven clearly that with its NEX cameras, you can make APS-C cameras very small, but any APS-C lens with enough quality and specs will be big if it has the same specs as an equivalent M43 lens. You end up with either ordinary APS-C lenses or big lenses. You can't cheat physics.

This E-M1 is designed, among those things, to also allow use of the big 43 lenses and is therefore bigger.  I am sure the same specs can be implemented in a smaller camera if Olympus cares, but then it starts to become less ideal for many photographers with normal size hands and who care about easy to use controls and ergonomics more than just size, especially for a PRO level camera.  So, I won't get too stressed about the size of the camera body.  Think about the size and weight for a few good lenses that you want to carry with you.

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