X-T1 looks mighty interesting, what do you think?

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Re: X-T1 looks mighty interesting, what do you think?

One item that I do not believe has been mentioned is that the EM1 has EVF auto luminance, and as far as I can tell the X-T1 does not. This setting may not be that important to a lot of people, but it is vital to me. I have a very serious eye problem and I thought that I may have to give up photography until I discovered that the EM1 and the Stylus 1 (and I am hopeful that the EM100 as well) has auto luminance. EVF's were always too dark when I was outside in sunlight. When I ventured outside with my Sony a65 ( which supposedly has an excellent EVF) I could only see vague dark images. On the other hand, when I took a Stylus 1 outside I was shocked at how bright everything was, and the EM1 is supposed to be much better. EVF auto luminance has allowed me to get back into photography, so I doubt that I will buy another camera without it. That alone excludes the XT-1 for me, although I am sure that it is a very good camera in other repeats.

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