if you had a digital camera with flawless clarity /detail/dynamic range would you be happy ?

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I'm happy now, and I would be happy if...


lets say they came out with a camera that had perfect clarity and dynamic range

and unlimited detail - would you be happy.

or let me reword this - you know how these above elements are getting better with time

lets fast forward this and imagine what could be produced 450 years from now.

is that what you want ?

I'm happy now, but of course I would be a little happier if I had such a wonderful camera! I would be happy as long as I would still have full creative control, including being able to go through the creative process my way! My way happens to include learning and dealing with the limitations of my gear, hands-on. I don't think I could be happy if all I had to do was speak the words out loud, "take a picture of that flower, frame it from there to there, use these parameters... now!" (450 years from now, be realistic! That's not a time for buttons, even today most things are touch screen, 450 years from now the word "touch" will probably have changed its meaning!)

Then again, anything from 450 years from now would most likely be able to synthesize anything, so I'd ask it to materialize me my favourite camera, assign its functions to the buttons and wheels, add extra menu entries for some futuristic extras, and with that camera in hand I'd get to work!

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