Camera brand weaknesses ( a flippant treatise)

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Camera brand weaknesses ( a flippant treatise)

Nikon: Builds D600 and D800 in order knock canon off the top perch as pro camera system, but fails miserably with shutter issues on the D600 and left side focus problems on the D800

Builds the hipsteriffic camera that focuses high on poseur cred and high on being backwards in functionality as if it somehow helps users to have less functionality in a tool. (No viddddeeeoooo, 1/4000 shutter). Fails to implement manual focusing aids to actually represent what it claims to be. "pure photography", no, more like "pure poseur".

Fails to respect customers by releasing the d610 and SB910


Builds the bulk of the 5D MkIII improvements as a video camera based, on the idea of the positive uptake of the 5D MkII by indy filmakers and production companies would bring them more sales: No ones cares and it doesn't really help Canon's bottom line.

Builds the 70d based on the premise that the video craze of 2010-2012 will help their bottom line; Turns their backs on people who want better sensor performance, namely - noise performance.

Builds the weakest mirrorless camera system on the market which was just a repackaged rebel for the same price. EOS-M flops like a seal and the price dives like a seal too. Doesn't support the system by releasing lenses, doesn't support the system with an EVF body or even a plug in EVF. Somehow gets great cheers from the tighwad fanboys for the market failure.

Forgets about significant sensor improvements, uses massiving marketing budget to hire guy sebastian (an- in the closet Australian idol winner) to try to flog pro lenses to photogs (epic fail)


Builds the GH3 to knock off the 5D MKII: Fails miserably as the GH3 ripped out all the draw factors that made the GH2 a cult classic. Canon still number 1 used tool for DSLR video.

Releases the GM1 and GX7 to close to each other.

Fails to advertise and market in general. Didn't show up to the digital show in Melbourne. Well, no wonder you're getting severely thumped by Olympus in Australia eh?


Develops 5- Axis IBIS which is hands down class leading IS for video. Fails to implement decent codec and frame rate options in cameras, thus failing to take advantage of their advantage.

Develops the high end EP5 to counter Fuji's rangefinder cameras. Fails miserably since the price is TOO damn high, and the PEN cameras do not come with an EVF turning customers off. GX7 is released and is significantly cheaper - goodnight EP5. Olympus somehow blames the market, what dumbasses.

Tries to make audio recorders that no one knows about, considering they are generally not found or to be sold in Musical instrument retailers or Pro audio retailers.

Fails to communicate with customers. Fails to advertise and market effectively in non-asian markets although has enough brains to figure it is a good idea to put a OMD advert on the bus shelters opposite camera stores in CBD's.

Fuji: Sucks at video, still sucks at video and blunty doesn't care. RAW issues galore (okay guys, I got nothing ).


Dropping the NEX name, leaving Alpha SLT users in the dark about their system, failing to make well rounded lens systems.

Being a total no show at the Melbourne digital show, when Olympus can manage it despite their financial scandal? Hahaha! Loyalty and Sony are exclusive terms

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