Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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While that is true is still seems pretty dumb to invest in expensive lenses that you may not be able to get new, up to date bodies for in 5-10 years.

Good point...producing tech in today's world you have to wonder about the longevity of any company.


I think the fear is, Sony could wash their hands of Amount and continue on. Whereas Nikon F-mount wont die, unless Nikon was going out of business

(or they set in motion a long term plan to replace the Fmount with another APSC/FF camera system, some other company did that with their New Emount Experience, which turned into their current Alpha experience).

I hear what you are saying tqlla. Even for Nikon there are no guarantees although with market share they have the advantage to adapt I guess and use the strength of their name. They did that very well when Kodak started the digital game. They weren't the fastest but they adapted well. I grabbed Sony as an alternate camera from my Olys because I had a number of old Minolta lenses. My first SLR was actually the Konica T3 and then I went to Minolta. I do admit to being confused by Sony's approach, but they do have some excellent ideas for their cameras, but they remind me sometimes of an old autofocus lens trying to hit focus. I think the A7 move was a good one for them as a way to grab attention. When Nikon pushed the FF game with the D600 I would have thought Sony would have answered with a competitive product in A-mount...maybe they still will...maybe that is what the A7 is suppose to be but the new mount somewhat removes the A-mount users from that game. Possibly there is still something coming. I am not in a rush as I do enjoy what I am using but it is always interesting to ponder what companies are doing.

I see you have the a850 and the a77. Do you find you use one more than the other?


There is no guarantees on the companies survival.  But the point is, the Fmount is much more important to Nikon, than the Amount is to Sony.

I bought my A77 in may.  I got a great deal, $940 with the 16-50mm, open box from best buy. I was planning on selling the A77, and keeping the lens for my A65.  I was surprised at how much I liked the A77.  I ended up selling the A65.  I find I use the A77 more than the A850.

The A7/A7r are great moves for Sony.  For us... not really.

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