Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

K E Hoffman wrote:

WaltKnapp wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

as much as we fight.. I like your photography. When you show it here.. . and I seriously believe that if your judgment is based on a few minutes only other EVFs.. and you had it longer You might like it.

Honest offer Walt..

Just like the rest of your misrepresentation of me and what I think in your pile of Sony fanboy posts you have extensively misrepresented me on EVF.

I did not just wonder into a dealer's and do a few casual shots. When I've checked each new EVF I've researched the information available about it extensively and I've specifically tested it's abilities to work on the shots I do as well as general shooting. Often, repeatedly, with other photographers that have the equipment. It keeps not catching up with OVF, and because i understand the limitations of the design I'm not expecting that it will, but I still check. I'm not talking about things I already know how to do well, like exposure or MF, where for some it's been a saver as they never put the effort into the learning on those things. That's what EVF development has been about for me, unneeded options.

Even so, I do use EVF routinely, where it can be used. I've a perfectly good HX300 bridge camera that is EVF and I can get good shots with it, I can get around it's EVF foibles, the camera is more a limitation than it's EVF though it produces very good shots, some of which Sony E or A mount cameras can't reach. That extra long reach of it's excellent Zeiss zoom is part of that.

There is so little interest in photography here I moved on to places where folks more like to see what I shoot. That is why I don't post photos here much. There are more appropriate places.

I'm actually only wandering in here now because of the Tamron 150-600 lens coming out. Looking around a bunch of places about that, but looking around while here. (actually the Nikon and Canon groups have more intelligent discussions about the technology of that lens) This is not on my first list of internet reading anymore. I assume you will celebrate that. Only want folks that toe your line

You use EVF like a generic term.. How much time have you spend with the A77? Doing what..

And Walt.. you have a reputation about EVFs here that you alone are responsible for.

hit save on that before I meant to..

Seriously Walt.. One of the reasons I made the offer is because I read, I had used EVFs and went to the camera store at least 2 times a year and to the local camera show and every time.. I tried the A77. I did not like the EVF.. in that kind of test.. I wrote a strong email to a Sony exec I met at PMA one year and told him all the problems with the a77.. and why it couldn't replace my A700 that is why I just got it.. because I can find a couple hundred in the family budget if I really want something.. All my telescopes and mounts points to that..

Honestly I had played with my 450D and it wasn't that bad.. almost bought a lens for (its for telescopes so have no lens) There are things I like about both Canon and Nikon..

Problem is I did a review of what was out there when I bought.. Seriously looked at the 70D and changing systems.. But in the end I decided I get the A77 for shooting school and stuff with video etc. and keep the A700 for y other shooting (because I knew it was too noisy from reading and tests, I didn't like the EVF in the dealers.)  But I was missing stuff when shooting at my kids school I wanted to get.

It took about 6 hours of use around the house and out to the point.. I realized I liked it better than the A700.. (was not ready for that)

So the offer is IF you have not spent real time with the camera.. And given your collection I don't see you giving up something else for it.

Why.. though you don't want to take the cost hit to change. you say.. You strike me as someone who can make a few $$ show up when you want to.. So I am sure you could get the A77 if you wanted. That's not why I made the offer..

I made it because.. I was partway where you are.. now.. and no amount of trying it out for a bit.. changed that.. It took sitting with the camera. sitting with Gary's book and shooting it.

Why buy one.. because the cost of renting one and eating the cost myself to put my money where my loud mouth is.. would just make money vanish.. If I buy it.. and you like it.. I lose nothing but a few $ shipping.. If I buy it and you don't like it.. I it costs me a few$ about what a 2 week rental would..

Walt you got some passion.. and I appreciate that.. even if what you day or how you say it makes me crazy...

HOW LONG HAVE YOU ACTUALLY used an A77 to try it out?

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