Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Re: Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

Graham Hill wrote:

rgb vandal wrote:

I do not understand why so much aggression about this question .


Many dont understand why some mirrorless fans are so aggressive and condescending towards SLR's and their fans. There simply is no rational reason why SLR's have to die in order for mirrorless to survive. Yet a certain group amongst the general mirrorless population (of which I am a part of), are absolutely fanatical, in a religious way to the point that they must proclaim the death of SLR's, DECADES in advance of when that might actually happen. This brings them joy. This brings them happiness. For the rest of us, it is tiresome to the extreme.

I must become the bringer of doom for the mirror. If i do not, mother will be angry. I can't make mother angry.....

As to your general questions, here you go. You don't actually know if the death of DSLRs is decades away, it could be 5 years, or 50. Exaggerating or minimizing a figure you don't really know is pointless, feel free to waste your time all you want. What brings me "joy" is discussing and thinking of what great technology lies ahead. If that is tiresome for you, why do you post in these threads? Are you not in control of your own mind? your own hands? Nobody is making you read these threads, so im not buying the claim of tiresome. I think you just like to argue, which is why you post in threads that disagree with your paradigm.

Not all mirrorless users are like this. Only a small, but very loud, subgroup. They are exceedingly irrational. I'm called an SLR user by them, despite the fact that I almost never use my SLR. I use mirrorless, both digitally and on film. It does not matter since I do not worship, and I do mean worship, the altar of mirrorless.

I couldn't have told you what you use, and it doesn't matter. If you are wrong, you are wrong, regardless of what plastic box you own.

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