Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Re: Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

bigpigbig wrote:

Sure there will be naysayers.

But I really believe that the mirrorless camera will replace the DSLR (eventually).

First, the EVF will get better and better and better and better. Eventually, it will be like looking through the lens like an OVF only better. Is it there yet, no. But the X-T1 is one step closer.

.005 second lag. Surely, that looks live.

.77x view with 38 degree diagonal view.

Secondly, AF-C 8 fps predictive auto focus that works. (Well it sure appears to)

This is still one shooting demand that normally makes me grab the DSLR. I am hopeful the X-T1 really does take over this need.

So what is left...

Well, you tell me.

Can we please not mention FF or larger sensor. I'd really like to know what is left as an advantage for DSLR?

Also, can we please try hard to keep this civil?

Maybe even refrain from judging others opinion and just state our own.

Without commenting on the features and benefits of the X-T1, or for that matter, any mirrorless camera,, it seems that there is  a trend declaring,  in no uncertain terms,  the certain death of the OVF and the Single Lens Reflex camera. Just as many mechanical devices have been replaced by electronic devices, the camera will not be an exception. I agree that the progression of technological development will send the mirror box to antiquity, to be replaced by a monitor.

We are already in that transitional stage. Even DSLR's have a "live view" that  bypasses the mirror and uses the monitor on the back for viewing. Granted; "live view" is not as fast or as live as viewing thru a OVF, but it is only a matter of time before technology makes viewing thru glass incidental and antiquated.

I will probably never embrace mirrorless. I guess I enjoy hearing that mirror slap, even though it may effect the IQ of my image. I also enjoy viewing my "target"  in real time (and not .005 lag time). I am just that old curmudgeon who in his youth forsook film for the advantages of digital. But today I am just not willing to jump again.

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