Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

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Re: Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

I guess I don't get the idea that the X-E2 is more stealthy than the X-T1 or an SLR. It is the same size as a traditional SLR and uses lenses that are the exact same size or larger than every manual SLR lens of equivalent focal length since the 1970's.

The X-E2 doesn't look like a rangefinder. The X-Pro 1 does. But only because it has a window. The X-E2 looks more like a Pen SLR to me: both lack humps, neither has centred viewfinders, but the Pen, of course, is smaller still despite using a similar portion of film.

I always found the Pen series to be strange: off-centre viewfinder without window made the camera user stick out. A real rangefinder does and does not. It's not normal seeing a rangenfinder today just the same as it isn't seeing a Pen-style SLR.

SLR-designs blend into myriad other cameras and users out there. You don't see them.

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