Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

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Re: Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

Now i think i am going to put a bit of an odd slant on this

Now I have worked for years with.. how shall we say...with  big cameras. Using medium format in film days. Then Nikon SLRs. Now here is the odd thing !

Not so long ago, when the Pentax K5 came along I bought one as it looked ideal. What is strange is that for the first time in my life, I actually felt rather at odds. As if the camera was perhaps being judged. I believe it was perhaps because it was so small. Nobody ever said a word of course and I did a few weddings with it. Where it gets really strange... is when I bought the E1.... I tried that at a few weddings. What is really odd is that it did not bother me in the slightest !

Now even I am not sure why that would be.. But... I think it was because it was clear to anyone that it was not an SLR !  Simply that it was something different... Maybe partly the Leica look ? Somehow I doubt that. More a case of they had no idea but clearly something different, with a helping of well whatever it is, it must be good because he is using it whatever it is !

Right or wrong but this could stop me from using the XT1  I have got a strong feeling it would be even worse than the K5 for me. Right now.. I would choose an E2

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