Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Re: Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

Aberaeron wrote:

Does the VF take the picture? No

Does the viewfinder show shooting information and modes while also showing the exposure about to be captured? Only in some cases.

No, it does not, but it needs to provide accurate, high contrast, high-resolution viewing and focusing for any lens before it can replace an OVF. Today's EVFs are what we focus through as are OVFs. And still OVFs react faster, provide better performance especially in bright light, and have no resolution problems.

Which do I prefer, the OVF on my Fuji and recently departed Nikon, or the EVF on my two Panasonics and Sony? Pretty obvious, especially as the OVF doesn't show all of the image being captured and even despite the excellent transpanel info display on the Fuji.

I think it matters where you are coming from. I only recently switched to mirrorless. I will sell my D800 in the next month as I no longer use it except in situations where absolute accuracy/speed are necessary with my lenses. My lenses are all Ai Nikkors, by the way. Again, they are lenses that 'pop' into focus on an OVF and therefore work in all situations very quickly. Even the best EVFs (A7r and OMD-EM1) are not good enough to have the same lenses pop into focus. And they won't be ready for years.

Having exposure information preview, I suppose, but I don't use it. I think in stops, outside of the viewfinder. I think in stops of light apposed and in addition to the current light situation. I don't use AF, so a viewfinder is the single most important piece of the puzzle. I am in the minority, I know that. But there are others like me who will continue to push for better technology. It seems a lot of EVF supporters think today's technology is good enough.

Don't settle.

We are years yet from truly replacing the OVF. People like me that think in stops apposed to current light will switch off preview on EVFs anyway. People that use manual focus lenses or manually focus, will want higher resolution in order to resolve the tiniest details without resorting to magnification and peaking.

However, I have one camera with a truly appalling EVF that is only barely acceptable to me. The low resolution one fitted to my Nikon P500, which would put anyone off. Still, it is useful in strong sun, if not pleasant to use.

In truth I would not choose a camera on the basis of what type of viewfinder was fitted. Or whether it had a mirror or not. The whole package is what counts. Especially since I make a habit of shooting with both eyes open for the most part, which means I have one of the actual scene with a naked eye and one with all the shooting information, composition and exposure with the other.

I think I would be in a similar boat as you if I primarily used AF lenses. I would want something good enough for framing. If it showed previews, bless it. But my needs are very specific and much more taxing on a system than are yours. Yours are probably more important for today's manufacturers as they represent the largest purchasing cohort. Mine do not. But mine are extremely realistic.

If the mirrorless camera is to replace the DSLR it needs to be able to perform, in all aspects, as well as the SLR. And the SLR brought one technology to the table that destroyed the rangefinder, and that is TTL viewing. The accuracy and speed of working with true TTL couldn't be ignored. And today, it still cannot. Through the sensor viewing is still too slow and low resolution to truly replace what advances came with the original SLR.

In time that will change, but we are still quite a distance from that mark.

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