Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

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Re: Still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1

X-T1, nice viewfinder with faster refresh rate along with other goodies but I still like the form factor of X-E2 over X-T1. I may be odd man out here, I really want to like X-T1 but my heart is still with X-E2 form factor, the rangefinder, stealthy look. Guess the new viewfinder is too big to be fitted into a body like X-E2 or can it be?

I was holding off buying X-E2 till the X-T1 arrival. Hope the price of X-E2 goes down too. Are there people out there who's going to grab X-E2 over X-T1?

I sort of knew about the XT1, "a bigger and faster camera that sits between the XE2 and Xpro1, with larger EVF" when I bought the XE2 due to the curiously accurate fujirumors. Bigger doesn't appeal to me, as lack of flash. I wouldn't buy even if it was Dslr fast with OVF. I sold my Canon SL1 for something smaller, not almost same size. But I can see why others are excited and I fully respect that. If anything, it's great news for all Fuji users. I seriously doubt there will be any price drop on the XE2, why should there be one ??
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