Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: May be selling in India, but not Japan.

digititus wrote:

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digitalshooter wrote:

Waiting to be taken off! Sony cannot sustain the a mount forever. The crossover from other brands, has not happened. Sony is reaching for anything They can, but ultimately the ship will sink.

Folks are not buying their changes,

Sales figures or are you just making stuff up... I have already shared Sony's success in India.with links. and money is money even if it doesn't come from cranky people in the NA and Europe

Sony may be selling in India, but recent data shows the Japanese are not buying Sony DSLR/SLT's. In that category Sony lost market share in 2013 - in fact, they fell out of third place. They even lost ground in the Compact camera category. This data is only for Japan, but I would expect the Japanese to be pretty savvy camera buyers.

I assume this is your.. source just so people can read along...

Sony has been in Japan locked with Pentax (Ricoh) for 3rd place there.. Japan consumes a lot of camera because they buy what's new .. its a great market.. Since Sony did have only one lower end body in 2013 Pentax had a 3 body year.. so  in a close race in Japan where Mirroless outsells DSLR Sony Not that in that Japan market Pentax and Sony keep swapping this out.

I am not sure anyone here has said in recent times they expect Sony to displace Canon and to my knowledge the closest they got to Nikon was around 2011 when Nikon did one body only and Sony end up with about 14% share in DSLRs to Nikon's Japan

This graph is just about 2 years old.. where Sony did get much closer to Canon and Nikon what put them up there? SLTs with EVFs.. that those SAVVY Japanese camera buyers loved!! Sony jumped from an 8% share to 20% share overnight with some solid releases.  But you can't do that every year.. Even Canon people are complaining on the lack of real innovation in the yearly releases of the Rebels..

And those Savvy Japanese camera buyers.. loved mirror less in 2011

Note how releases correlates to share..

Anyone expecting Sony to displace Canon or Nikon in market share better start worrying more about the "also ran's" because it is starting to look like Sony has a better chance at 4th or 5th place, than 1st or 2nd.

Point of all these posts..

Market share changes.. in Japan especially based on what's newest..  Some places are more brand centric.. etc. you have to look at the world..

Just to show Japan is not a good predictor of Share.. as Olympus had a giant year in Japan in 2011.. It had little effect on the global share..

Moral Things change.. Sony does well in cameras. but DSLR market is very brand focuses. .and very lens collection focused.. Sony was at just about 4.5% just 4 years before this..

More recent global numbers are impossible to find appear to be locked up in PAID reports.

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