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Re: Two Legacies

Michael Everett wrote:

Has any compared the Canon FDn 50mm f1.4 with the Zeiss Planar 50mm f1.7?

What are your opinions.



I kind of waited... if the other posters will extend comparison to other lenses.. I will jump too...
Here I am:
I have and I have tested:
- Minolta MD 50mmF1.4 - very good balance between bokeh and sharpness,
smaller with the adapter than others.
- Minolta MC 50mmF1.4 - like above, but some more color fringe
- Olympus OM 50mmF1.4 - sharp, harsh bokeh, chroma wide open
- Canon FD 50mmF1.4 - kind of like the Minolta MD 50F1.4
very good lens, but bigger with the adapter.
- Minolta MC 58mmF1.4 - softish until F4, but very sharp between 5.6 and 8

In every day use none of these very fine lenses is more useful than SEL50F1.8

I would say none is better.

If you want something really different / ~ better than SEL50F18 you must go to the F1.2 lenses.

I have no experience with the Zeiss.

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