EOSHD : E-M1 vs GH3 for video

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Re: EOSHD : E-M1 vs GH3 for video

Dr_Jon wrote:

Pixnat2 wrote:

Right, my mistake.

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No problem, I'm not having a pop at you at all, just saying that I personally have a couple of issues with what he's said a couple of times recently. I have no issue with people who think he's bang on, provided I'm allowed to disagree. I'm quite happy to say the E-M1 is the best Oly for video and a step up from before - but it does seem a bit odd though, if they changed the Codec IP why so small an improvement? Oh, and if I shot 30p in the UK I'd have to convert to 25p for anyone to be interested.

No problem, everybody's free to disagree But some arguments (not from you) aren't rationals.

I'm not happy with the fact Olympus didn't include 25p, it's a pity. I hope that they'll change their video approach in the future. But I think the E-M1 is very capable to take good quality footage, provided its limitations.

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