Two more nails in the DSLR coffin...what is left?

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Re: No, because it was not the subject of discussion in this thread

I thought the question was .."what is left"  to take over from DSLR. How is mentioning the lack of proper tethering support not relevant to subject of discussion?

a) I think for one tethering will need to be supported.  Im not sure why this is not the case for mirrorless systems.  I would like to see it.

The other items holding me back have been mentioned over and over

b) larger sensor (ff) equals larger prints. in time mirrorless will catch up but for now seems not.  with the exception of sony's ff mirror less I would think.  To frame a question to omit a weakness is fair enough, but it's still an item that is left.

c) auto focus speed

I may take the dive into Fuji..but those items leftover from a DSLR are what make me hesitate.

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