Is A mount Sony's Titanic?

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Re: No, its their Pro Series Mount

Joe M. wrote:

Is it possible Sony will discontinue the A-Mount, Yes. But the question you have to ask yourself is this. Is it in Sony's best interest to do so? NO. They would not shoot themselves in the foot by doing that. Hell they already angered many because the change to the Flash Shoe from the Minolta Flash Mount. Me included.

They went right ahead with the flash shoe didn't they.  Seems like angering their customers is not something they care about at all.

And Sony has done plenty of things that were not in their best interest.  I'm sure they will continue that too.

They haven't announced anything yet. They stated numerous times that they are behind the A-mount. They are changing to Mirrorless which is fine. We know that, so they are going to come out with a A-Mount Mirror Less Camera. Maybe something technical is holding them back for whatever reason they will eventually announce something. Right now most of Sony's gear is still ahead of the competitors, in my opinion. So they figure they have time to R&D and come up with something great. I remember when this all happened when the A700 wasn't being announced and a lot of Minolta people wanted a true Pro-sumer camera like their 7000 series. Well Sony did eventually announce the A700 and it came out. But the forums were lit up with the same paranoia about Sony abandoning the A-mount then. When they announced the NEX line the forums started it again about no more A-mount. Now that we are transitioning into the Mirrorless camera systems, we here it again.

Actually you don't know that Sony is going to change to exclusive mirrorless.  That fad has already peaked and they probably have the replacement in the works.

It's questionable about the status of Sony's gear vs competitors.  Or even whatever they are supposed to be ahead in being in their line tomorrow.  Reliability of support is a big issue when the higher end photography takes so long for most of us to accumulate.  And they are behind in that.

My point is to sit back and relax use your Sony's A series cameras and be happy. Buy a lens if you need it. Get out and Take some Photos.

The Global Warming predictions on the news were for spectacular lava flows followed by Noah's floods, so I made sure my batteries were charged, should be some interesting photography there of the end of the world   Unfortunately their predictions were as usual, wrong.  How could they think white frozen stuff was red hot lava and deep water drowning us all?  No we just got what is probably our only day of snow for the year,  and not much of that.  Still I did get out and shoot some photos, by tomorrow it will probably be all gone, we are not in the snow belt.

And I have a pre order in for the Tamron 150-600 A mount lens, when Tamron decides to release that mount.  Will that do for buying a lens.

Otherwise I'm not too good at ignoring what's going on, sorry.  I pay attention and continue my photography with the excellent Sony Alpha abandoned system I have. Amazing doing two separate things at once

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